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title: being boring
format: cd single [740424-5]
release date: april 16, 1999 [benelux]
tracklisting: 01. being boring
02. strange pool of rhyme
production: paul ouvert
mix: lars-erik westby and rune lamoy
recording studios: h10, oslo, norway. engineered by lars-erik westby.
mastering: little major, antwerp, belgium
cover & art direction: the parkinglot
origin: being boring is a pet shop boys song [tennant/lowe - emi publishing]. strange pool of rhyme is a leftover from f-words
additional info: fun note: on this single, being boring was by mistake mastered in mono, so this could become a collector's item. this single does also contain enhanced multimedia/computer stuff [live video etc.]. being boring is also a bonus-track on a limited version of f-words [benelux only], this time in stereo...and strange pool of rhyme is present on the norwegian frisbee single. in addition, a low-budget video of being boring was made as well

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