f-words biography [1997]

auto = automatic
pulver = powder
auto + pulver = ?

the name autopulver is as mystifying to norwegian fans and the band's own members as it is to their english speaking audience. it seems to touch on several different meanings without offering any one concrete image. however, were they to change the name as autopuler, they might get a different reaction from their norwegian fans...just as autopervert might conjure stronger images in the mind of an english listener.

formed recently in 1996, autopulver are a relatively new face in oslo's music scene, although the band members dagga (vocals and guitar), frode (drums), rune (guitar) and victor (bass) have between them played to packed houses in sweden, russia and japan in previous bands. after spending time writing, rehearsing and recording, the band are now out in force with an album, one single and an extensive norwegian tour.

autopulver's music is written by three of the four band members, and is alive with influences old and new from both the uk and usa. the english pop influence is noticeable in the intelligent and modern feel, while the more traditional dual guitars and grinding rhythm section add power and fill out the sound. autopulver clearly know their instruments, yet the emphasis seems to be on creating the right mood and textures in the sound rather than indulging in long guitar solos. some of the acoustic songs suggest that joni mitchell may be a regular feature on the autopulver turntable and, in characteristic good taste, they avoid the typical rock clichés and manage to keep the electric guitars unplugged.

the album, f-words (every track on the album begins with a different word beginning with "f" - fantastic!) has met with a good reception in norway. the single, frisbee, are played regularly on national radio, alongside the likes of portishead, the prodigy and pavement, and it went straight in the norwegian top 40. the album track, friday, is also on radio p3's a-list. the video for «frisbee» has been shown several times on prime time tv.

as you read this the band are probably feeling the chill of the norwegian winter - some of their tour concerts are within the arctic circle - but they will undoubtedly be traveling to warmer climates in the near future.

tests conducted recently in laboratories in norway concluding that autopulver are the world's best rock band has not yet been verified. the allegation that urine tests performed on autopulver revealed traces of alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, pneumonia, tetrahydrocannabinol, and chocolate is not true.

the wave is coming in today.

jonathan murray

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