f-words biography [1998]

who are they? who are these nordic missionaries of good taste and grinding, gravel edged anthems? autopulver were formed as recently as 1996 so it's a long way to their sell-by-date. it's as fresh as a northern breeze whistling through a hole in your levi's. this is what it's all about. credible lyrics and mesmeric rock rhythms that sweep up the listener and take him or her on a journey up and down the fjords at warp speed. it's too easy to use comparatives and superlatives when describing this band's influences, it's better just to take them on board and ride that wave with them.

autopulver are turning out the goods. their sound is powerful and instantly recognizable. rather than relying on over long 'axeman' guitarsolos they concentrate on presenting the song in its entirety, devoid of contemporary clichés and straight to the point. rock hard, solid memorable songs and ballads that don't fuck about. speaking of which they titled their debut album, f-words, each track starts with the letter "f" and not one of them is actually called "fuck"?? what's wrong with these guys? their so-hot-it-hurts first single is titled, frisbee, and was up there with the best, receiving maximum airplay [a-listed twice + album of the week on norwegian national radio nrk petre].

"there are more things twixt heaven and earth" wrote shakespeare, he also wrote "what's in a name'? a rose by any other name would still smell the same". so the name is relative. it doesn't really mean anything. it doesn't have to. the music speaks volumes, and that's enough.

peter decraene, ars productions

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