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title: if i get too deep
format: cd single [norway: 74321794862]
release dates: october 30, 2000 [norway]
november 2000 [benelux]
labels: ars productions [benelux]
bmg [norway]
tracklisting: 01. if i get too deep [album version]
02. if i get too deep [pop version]
03. if i get too deep [floor version]
production: 01. zed & autopulver
02. autopulver & lars erik westby
03. ruvel
mix: 01. zed at louis studio, tienen, belgium
02. lars-erik westby at h10 studio, norway
03. ruvel at home
recording studios: h10, oslo, norway. engineered by lars-erik westby. additional recordings at blue note, oslo. engineered by zed
mastering: mikkel at lydmuren [n]
cover & art direction: aina griffin and petter martinsen
origin: if i get too deep is taken from the album vapor trails
additional info: there's a video for this song, which you can watch here

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