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title: frisbee
format: cd single [ekg s 89 - norway]
cd single [740330-5 - benelux]
release dates: may, 26, 1997 [norway]
march 6, 1998 [benelux]
label: panser records/norske gram [norway]
ars productions/panser records [benelux]
tracklisting: norwegian version:

01. frisbee
02. being boring
03. fidelity
04. strange pool of rhyme

benelux version:

01. frisbee
02. fidelity

production: paul ouvert
mix: paul ouvert, ken ingwersen and trond nilsen at panser studio, oslo, norway
recording studio: panser studio, oslo, norway
mastering: morten lund at masterhuset, oslo, norway
cover & art direction: aina griffin
origin: frisbee is taken from the debut-album f-words, but this version is a shortened single edit
additional info: a low-budget video for this song was made by anette haraldsen, aina griffin and lysverket. being boring is a pet shop boys song [neil tennant/chris lowe - emi music publishing]. fidelity and strange pool of rhyme are leftovers from the album, f-words. strange pool of rhyme is also the second track on the being boring single, released in benelux

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