who? band: autopulver

dagga [vocals/guitars]
rune lamøy [guitars]
frode lamøy [drums, programming]
victor borge [bass]
anders hunstad [keys, backing vocals]

origin: oslo, norway
producer: zed [see also kent, andreas johnson…]
what? vapor trails, follow-up album to their highly acclaimed debut album, f-words, which gained them a strong following, some remarked gigs at the ‘lowlands’ and ‘bevrijdingspop’ festivals in holland and respect from press and radio
content? on this album autopulver has broadened its palette into a rich balance between hefty nordic pop and dreamy somewhat epic songs about desire, alienation and plain weirdness
how did this album come about? highly different individual tastes, a clash between technology-freak-extravaganza and crafty songwriting, crowded city-life in a sparsely populated country, the slovenian art of mixing cocktails, breaking hearts and dark winters and a twisted sense of humor

peter decraene, ars productions

high-resolution pics:
black & white - 340kb
photo: ©sebastian ludwigsen
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