wednesday, february 7: two new gigs are coming up next week here in norway

check out these brand new autopulver desktop pictures made especially for your computer!

sunday, december 3: you can now watch the brand new autopulver video on this website! just go to the snacks-page and choose between the big or the small version. the video is currently running on mtv nordic

if i get too deep has been b-listed on the norwegian radio p4

contact-info has been added for autopulver's norwegian label, bmg norway

saturday, november 18: the gig at kongens brygge, halden [n] has been cancelled, but will probably be booked again later
sunday, november 5: autopulver have been busy touring lately, but that doesn't mean nothing is happening "off the road". here's the latest news:

the new single "if i get too deep" has been released in norway with 2 additional, very different and exiting versions of the song. check out this page for soundclips and more info

along with the new single, there's been made a great video for the song and soon you can watch the result on this website. to get notified, make sure you're on the autopulver mailinglist

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