wednesday, october 4: new concerts are confirmed [ørsta and porsgrunn], and please note that the gig in grimstad has been postponed to friday, october 20.

more reviews for vapor trails have been added.

thursday, september 28: autopulver are still number 1 on "10 i skuddet" at nrk petre! thanks for your great support.
saturday, september 23: the autopulver norwegian tour 2000 is almost ready. go here to check out the gigs so far.
tuesday, september 18: tada! autopulver came from nowhere and went all the way to number 1 on "10 i skuddet" at nrk petre! thanks to all who contributed to make yesterday "historic", and remember to vote again next monday...
saturday, september 16: norway: autopulver made it into first place with remedy/surgery on yesterdays "min-i skuddet" on nrk petre [beating britney spears!] and are now qualified to fight for an entry into the upcoming "ti i skuddet". if you live in norway, make sure to give your votes to autopulver this monday at 17.00. tune into nrk petre and call 81549100 as many times as possible when you hear remedy/surgery.

norway: vapor trails has made it all the way to the top on the "top 20 album-list" at panorama. also, check out the same site for an autopulver competition.

go to the kinda muzic you like for a collection of pictures [taken by the band] from the appearance at this summer's beachrock festival in belgium.

make your comments at freetrax on remedy/surgery

norway: many new links to recent interviews have been added to this website. there's also a new biography [in norwegian] go here to find out more.

norway: the new album has been out for almost a week now - you've gotten your copy, right? vapor trails has recieved many positive reviews.

the audiography-page is updated with by leaving rome i found my home.

wednesday, september 13: tonight, you can watch autopulver on metropol tv [norway]. the show is called "metropol live" and starts at 20.00.
wednesday, august 23: to the norwegian fans: autopulver will appear on nrk [norwegian national tv] thursday, august 24. the band will attend the show "topp 20" which starts at 16.25. you can also watch the show on friday night at midnight [00.00].
sunday, august 20: is voted "site of the week" at nbi [the norwegian bandindex].
thursday, august 10: new date for the release of vapor trails in norway is september 11.
monday, august 7: autopulver are ready for 2 festivals in norway.

the review-page is updated.

wednesday, july 19: the wait is finally over for norwegian fans. vapor trails will be released in norway by bmg on august 29.

remedy/surgery is ready for powerplay, and has been a-listed on the highly acclaimed norwegian radio, nrk petre.

one more fan-review is added.

monday, june 12: finally, you can now have some snacks, the review-page is once again updated and as you may have noticed, autopulver will play the mainstage at beachrock festival in belgium this summer.
wednesday, may 31: the review-page is updated.
monday, may 29: a dutch online magazine called live xs, have both an interview and a review of autopulver.
sunday, may 28: here's four new photos for you.
saturday, may 27: a big thanks to everyone who contributed to the review-contest. all of the reviews are now available, and you can check it out at the new review-page.
thursday, may 18: the review-contest has ended, and the winners are....... drumroll...............................
everyone! so if you made your contribution, expect to get a signed autopulver release in your mailbox soon. everyone of you will not get exactly what you asked for but there will be a little something after all. and you can still add reviews if you feel like it, and who knows, maybe there will be given away more records...
thursday, may 4: the guestbook has been feeling lately, but it is much happier now. so, go ahead and make your remarks...[thanks to kjartan for feedback]
tuesday, may 2: some changes have been done to the structure of this website: a new page called snacks! have been added, and you're now automatically transported to this news-page whenever you visite
thursday, april 27: more reviews keeps ticking in for remedy/surgery, vapor trails, f-words and previous concerts
monday, april 17: the 3 first reviews are already here. it's for remedy/surgery, f-words and the recent concert at so what! you can also join this review-contest...
sunday, april 16: win a signed autopulver cd or single! more details here
friday, april 14: vapor trails, the long awaited second album is finally here. available in benelux today!
thursday, april 13: now you can order most of the autopulver cds and singles online, including the new album vapor trails. just move over to
tuesday, april 11: so, here it is! the brand new autopulver website. except for the design, news are as follows:

spotlight: the page for important announcements.

news: every change and update to this website will be listed here - general news about autopulver [that's what you're reading right now, isn't it...]

audiography: mp3 and real audio samples on every song (and even mix) released by autopulver! detailed info on all cd's and singles released + complete lyrics. reviews will be added here as well. in the future, keep an eye on this page for some video clips...

media: a new section for journalists, press-people and any info-hungry person. this page contains an updated bio and high-resolution pics for download. there is also some other small stuff here

live: forthcoming gigs in holland are confirmed. historic gigs are also listed.

photos: some new pics are uploaded. more will be added later.

tabs: a new page for you [hobby?] musicians out there, with chord-progressions for one song to start with. more will be added by request from you.

communication: now you can even write your own reviews of any autopulver cd, single or concert. your contribution will immediately be added [uncensored!] to the review-archive for that particular release or concert. a new guestbook and the mailinglist-subscribtion are here, together with all the contact information you'll ever need.

anything more...oh yeah. as you probably have noticed, the new single, kissing like a mainstream, is now available in benelux. the whole album, vapor trails, will be released on april 14 in the same territory.

and just one more thing. the last chapter to the studio-report has been added to the make it complete. a lot of things were happening those last days, so make sure you check it out.

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