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title: remedy/surgery
format: cd single [scd 740456-5]
release date: october 15, 1999 [benelux]
tracklisting: 01. remedy/surgery
02. surgery/remedy
production: paul ouvert. co-produced by lars-erik westby
mix: paul ouvert and lars-erik westby at h10, oslo, norway
recording studios: h10, oslo, norway. engineered by lars-erik westby
mastering: audun strype at strype audio, oslo, norway
cover & art direction: aina griffin and petter martinsen
origin: remedy/surgery and surgery/remedy is taken from the album vapor trails, but this is earlier mixes [see below]
additional info: these two songs are produced and mixed by paul ouvert/lars-erik westby and sounds different than the versions that ended on the album, which was produced and mixed later [see vapor trails]. note that the audio samples to download from this page reflects these differences. the second song, surgery/remedy, is a piano/vocal only version of remedy/surgery.

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