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by sven kaare sunde, norway

I finally get to hear the last single "Remedy". Autopulver has now reached their top of their productions, so far, and finally managed to establish their own kind of sound (if you know what I mean)!! Keep on rockin`, your old friends!! By the way, I still haven't got the last cd, and I'm of course looking forward to produce some of your future recordings at a very expanding studio in Gjøvik!!! See you!

vera, groningen [nl] 19.05.2000
by Riemke, holland

So there I was, at the Vera waiting to see Autopulver for the first time. I became interested when i found out they are from great big beautiful Norway!! And what the magazine was writing about them, and the new album Vapor Trails, sounded really okay. At the record store I heard the complete album one time, and so I thought that was enough to convince myself that I wouldn't wanna miss this change to see them live. And I don't regret !! Autopulver is great, and although there weren't as many people at Vera as I thought there would be, I actually didn't even noticed it during the concert, I was somewhere with my head in the clouds or something, and it felt like they were playing for only me....I don't now what to say more, I am afraid I can't find the right words, and whenever I get a second change to see them, I am going to take it for sure!! All I can say, is tusen takk, og mange mange hilsener!!!!

Doornroosje, Nijmegen [nl] 21.05.2000 and 013, Tilburg [nl] 22.05.2000
by Ernst Hattink, holland

Hello everybody, Last week my favorite band Autopulver was in Holland. I went to the shows in Nijmegen and Tilburg. At Doornroosje Orange was the support act. Their music sounded a bit like Suede, although I don't like Suede at all, Orange was much better. Autopulver started with Crazy Mixed-up Kid followed by If I get too deep and Being bored. "Absolutely fabulous" the Pet Shop Boys would say! Next were Sunroseblackhole (great performance) and the slow song Old Fashioned Way. From that point the show really kicked ass with some old F-word songs and the rest of Vapor Trails. The show ended with Remedy, I don't like violence and Friday.

Next day at 013 I missed the support act with the strange name FC Speedboat, but I was happy to see that 013 was almost full with fans. The setlist was exactly the same, but you could see that the band was much more inspirated. Also the sound was better than the day before. I think Dagga really liked the show of Orange because he wore a t-shirt of them. And the bass player was wearing the same 'Vera' t-shirt that Dagga wore in Doornroosje. I hope for him that it wasn't the same shirt!! I hope Autopulver will come to Holland again very soon. Because everybody who didn't go....go! It was really great.

013, Tilburg [nl] 22.05.2000
by Freek Joosten, holland

So there they were, Autopulver, on the list of expected bands in 013, the Music-club in Tilburg, my town. I was over the moon seeing this, and of course I went there. After listening to Speedboat FC, the support act who weren't that good, for some 45 minutes they finally appeared on stage. And right from the start of the first song you knew this band was complete. Every song was being played with such an accuracy that makes you shiver. Although/Because there were only 150 visitors, the atmosphere was cool and nice. They came back on stage for the extra songs after a 2 minute-cheering of the 150 visitors to play I don't like violence (performed great!!!) and Friday. They left the stage one after another, leaving Dagga and Frode on stage for a beautiful finish. I'll always remember this show, with help of the drumstick I cought. Thanks guys, you did a great job!

Doornroosje, Nijmegen [nl] 21.05.20000
by Ron Koenders, holland

At the start of the concert there were only about 75 people in the house. We were shocked to see this. Here we were the four of us, especially to see the great, great Autopulver and where were the rest?? Despite this the concert was great and we could sing along with most of the songs from Vapor trails and a couple from F- words. And one number written by the Pet shop Boys(?). It all sounded great and as allways Dagga kept SINGING however loud or soft the songs where with his moving voice, Frode was hammering away and the rest where fitting in their beautiful contributions. Dagga was trying to get us all closer to the stage but nobody dared( and the sound was loud close to the stage). We tried to cheer them back for an encore and they did come back for some songs. Of course it was not enough but it would never be!!. Anyway, my girlfriend and I enjoyed the concert very much and are playing your records again every day, even if we are allready (but what is age anyway?!) in our forties. Love to see and hear you play again soon, lots of succes and take some time off now and then so that we can keep on listening to your music for years!!!

LVC, Leiden [nl] 18.05.2000
by Wouter DeJong, holland

It was a great show last night, although the volume-level was a bit too high sometimes (I'm deaf now). The new songs from the Vapor Trails album really keep the attention and combined with some of the best songs from the F-Words album the show 'kicked ass'. The crowd needed some time to get warm, but in the end everyone was very enthusiastic, you should've played more! It's so nice to see a band without any big pretentions and just want to play some good music, because good music it is! Hope Vapor Trails will do well in the rest of Europe (sometime). Keep up the good work!

London Calling, Paradiso, Amsterdam [nl] 22.04.2000
by Chantal, holland

22 April 2000 Autopulver played a concert at Paradiso, Amsterdam at the festival of London Calling. Other playing bands were a.o. Doves, Beulah and Terris. To be honest the whole evening was pretty boring. The crowd didn't really get enthousiastic from the bands and the bands didn't get really enthousiastic from the crowd. And the Amsterdam crowd is a hard one to please.
But the concert of Autopulver definitely got the crowd dancing and smiling. It is safe to say it stood out from the rest. Before this concert I had never heard any stuff from them before, so kinda by accident I decided to check out Autopulver. I thought, err Norway, err Motorpsycho, err, might be OK. Let's go. The organisation of London Calling had placed Autopulver in the small upstairs venue. Soon the stairs were already full with people wanting to go upstairs. Near the stage though, there was still enough room to breath, fortunately.
They started out with some of the more uptempo songs and something that sounded a lot like a cover from the Pet Shop Boys. The hardcore fans probably know what I am talking about. This set the pace and atmosphere for the concert. Nice and tight guitarwork and a bassplayer getting a workout from playing his instrument. And that voice! Every girl in the room fell in love instantly with that voice. Afterwards everybody had trouble getting rid of that tune in their heads,... remedy..

London Calling, Paradiso, Amsterdam [nl] 22.04.2000
by Frank, holland

Hello! Most excellent concert in Paradiso! Very energetic and loud. I just listened to the new album and it just rocks live! But one thing I still don't understand is why don't you guys play Rock'n'roll is here to stay on stage? You could make one whole album with only that song. Another thing I really liked was the pet shop boys song being bored. I'm looking forward to seeing you guys live again at the Patronaat in Haarlem in may. Keep it up!!!

London Calling, Paradiso, Amsterdam [nl] 22.04.2000
by Peter, holland

Hi there, Great concert last saturday ... we had just bought your new album a few days before...so the songs were still a little new to us, but an excellent concert !! Ok..hope to see you again in Haarlem (patronaat)...

SoWhat, Oslo [n] 28.03.2000
by Karstein Helland, Norway

There was a lot of different people at SoWhat this night, and I would place them in three categories: 1. The students and the foxy ladies, who didn't know 'pulver but were there because they knew someone who knew someone who knew the SoWhat bartender or Anders the keyboardplayer. 2. Members of other norwegian bands, (Satyricon???) and music-industry-dudes, who were there because 'pulver are respected artists and musicians. and finally 3. The die-hard fans, many of who have followed the band since Jack In The Box. I'm proud to place myself in the 3rd category, and we were really exited about hearing some new material from the forthcoming album.
The sound wasn't very good (SoWhat is more suitable for punk & LoFi-crap), but the new songs were excellent. Starting with "crazy mixed-up kid" and "pagan" we were instantly sucked right into the pulvervoid of desperate megasongs from the heart of
GROOVE... The bassline in the beginning of "pagan" is almost like a rock version of something Massive Attack could have done, and the song is a fine mixture of quiet verse/rocking chorus.
The new songs were of course the most interesting parts of the concert, but a few songs from "f-words" were played as well. "fatwa" was played as a kind of ...waiting for Rune to tune his guitar -song, but it turned out to be a nice version with some short crying yelps from the guitar over the beautiful piano and vocals. We had an excellent Spinal Tap moment, when Dagga introduced the wrong song ("rome"), but I guess nobody noticed.... I like the new singer more and more, I think he really suits the pulverstyle, especially on the new songs.
So what, it was a good concert (except for the sound), and next time I hope to see them at a much better venue!

Jeugdhuis Eglantier, Sint-Niklaas [b] 06.02.1999
by Peter Janssens, belgium

I was really glad that i went to your gig! It made me felt really good! So good that i wanted your record! So i buyed it (f-words). This was also transporting a good vibe to me! And now i'm listening to your new album Vapor Trails. Fine electronic sounds and nice songs! What am i saying! Everything is good!!! But I especially like Kissing Like a Mainstream. It is also being played on the radio (Studio Brussel) Rock & Roll is here to stay!! Go on that way!!!

concerts in norway...
by marianne simensen, norway

i've been to a couple of concerts with autopulver both in Hamar and Oslo, and they both were great...and i like the part that they still play some of their old autopulver songs. or at least one ;o)) and their act in the movie " desperate bekjentskaper" was an (unsuspected?) surprise, and i also loved the bossanova melodies dagga made for the same film....cant wait to go to the next concert ;o))

keep up the good work!!

vapor trails
by Freek Joosten, holland

When I first heard the cd I was a bit disappointed. Why? Because the cd was softer than f-words, and I happen to like it hard. You must be good to please me with soft music. And the second time I heard it I realised you ARE good. I love it. The songs are all finished, nothing is missing. Again, only one word is good to describe your album, Vapor Trails: fantastic!

vapor trails
by Arthur Albracht, holland

PS! Arthur also writes for Soundshaker. You can also read this review in dutch if you go here.

On 'Vapor Trials' Autopulver brings a mix of electronic sounds and rock. The songs in separate sound pretty standard, but for the extraordinary mix of electronic beats and distorted guitars, the band is capable of putting a very varied cd. On first hearing, a track seems to burst out into a heavy dance-record, but a streamlined guitarsound flickers it to a complete other direction. The silent points on the cd are foremost more acoustic and somewhat outspelled. Some moments start sober others are subtle humorous (just as the instrumental imagination of the text of single 'Remedy/Surgery') The attractive part of the electronical tones united with the freshness of the guitarplay ends up in a collection varied songs which are worth listening.

by Freek Joosten, holland

Well well, I bought the cd just because of the review in the Dutch pop-magazine OOR (oor.net) and already at the first time I listened to it I knew this was a great CD. Just the fact all songs start with an "f" pleased me a lot. From the beginning to the very end, every song has it's own 'vibe'. Actually I've only got one word for the album: fantastic.

by Robert Berntsen, norway

This is one of my favorite Albums. I like the sound. And I think that Autopulver is the best Rock gruop from Norway ever.When ever I'm feeling down, I put on f-words and every bad thing just goes away.

by Wietse van den Brink, Holland

This album is incredible. Normally I prefer a bit louder/heavier music than this one, but the songs on the album are that catchy, you simply can't remove it from your cd-player. The singer has a very intense voice, which is really typical for Autopulver. Together with the carefully weighted guitar riffs and rhythms, it makes the album to a masterpiece. I don't know what you guys are going to do, but I'm starting track 1 of f-words once again!

by Morten Lunde, norway

Great Norwegian Rock n/roll. The album's getting better every day.

by GuMa, norway

Hi there..eeehh...I think the f.words album is so f..good..it represents one of...if not the f..best band im Norway right now...I have seen the band several times and I must say I,m f.. impressed of the stage energy and the pure f..professionality that this band shows...it's the f...best.. Now send me a f..cd...!!!!

by Edo Bouman, Holland

Every once in a while there is record finding it's way to my ears which makes me indifferent to the rest of my music-collection. When i hear remedy/surgery i really don't care if my neighbors enter my house and burn all my records, but this one! Hail Hail rock 'n roll! It's got power, a marvelous melody, all played with passion and swing. File this record under: 'once in a century'. Get this record played at your hottest parties and weddings!

by Torbjørn Dybsand, norway

What a great single ! This is superb stuff indeed !!! With the new addition of keyboards, this sounds like... (Gulp, OOps...) Genesis ! (Half-kiddin', half serious). Still the true sound of make no mistake Autopulver. Great song, great tempo, and great musicianship! Anyway, I hope this reach no 1 anywhere, cause you guys deserve it. So buy this or be dead, everyone! This effort should give me your new CD Vapor Trails, or what ?? (Besides the fact I know you guys quite well...hint, hint, nudge nudge, wink, wink, know what I mean...Courtesy of Monty Python).

by Jacqueline Pereboom, holland

Every once in a while I hear a song on the radio that sticks in my mind. I keep singing it all the time and I never get sick of it, not even when I have listened to it about a hundred times. This is exactly what happened when I heard remedy/surgery by autopulver for the first time on the radio. I believe that this song is the best song that has been released so far this year. The song is versatile and doesn't have a single boring moment. Every time I listen to it I discover something I hadn't noticed before. This song doesn't sound like any other song I have ever heard before and that makes it sound so refreshing. In conclusion, I love the song. I have only one more thing to say: "Buy the single, go on buy it and decide for yourself if you like the single as much as I do."

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