june 28, 1999
day 1
is it true? is the second album a real struggle and constant fight? in the following weeks, we will give you some moods and inside information. this diary [or whatever] will be updated frequently, with new pics now and then and maybe a soundclip or two...

today, we entered this nice, little studio called h-10 in oslo, norway, where we will spend the most of the summer creating and recording our new songs.

[rune and victor waiting for frode to figure out the sampler, hence the screwdriver...]

the first day was basically tech-stuff, connecting and synching stuff, setting up the drumkit and placing mics etc. me and rune are true mac-enthusiasts, so we had to bring along a powermac g3, just so we can work the way we're used to do. h-10 is a really good studio with ensoniq paris as the basic system.

everybody's here, everything we need is here. what more can you ask for? more to follow in a few days...


july 1, 1999
day 4
everything is running like clockwork. this time, we want to finish one song before we start working on the next one. why haven't we done that before? so great to get the pieces together immediately, and just concentrate on that particular feeling and groove instead of just starting on 12 songs without knowing what will be the end-result, except that they will all sound almost the same. no more.

[that sounds like sheet, anders!]

the first piece is just vocals away from being done. the song's called sun/rose/black/hole, and it has really turned out nicely. a new and fresh autopulver-song...it's been a while.

by the way, if you have any questions, feel free to send a mail directly to h-10 studio. maybe you will get an answer on this page a few days later...we are rather nice guys, you know.


july 6, 1999
day 9
few reports during the last days, and that means that we have our hands full at the moment. dagga is on vacation in denmark, but he'll be back in a couple of days. the weather here in oslo has recently been marvelous, and we have to be indoors! today we compensated this by having a barberque-break just outside the entrance of h-10, and it was great. we are concerned about our health, you know, so we had tomato-juice and soya-burgers [yeah....right!].

[a great voice makes a grim face. or was it the other way around?]

but to be honest, the nice weather don't bother me. the studio has a good ventilation-system and i personally enjoy being in the studio. no tan at all but making/recording killer-songs. yes, we're very optimistic about where things are headed. the second song [no title yet] has turned out brilliantly so far, and i'm sure dagga will agree when he's back. the song will be a big surprise for all of you out there...loads of synths and stuff.


july 13, 1999
day 15
2 songs are now completed. we have spent the last 2-3 days mixing them. are we gonna mix the album ourselves, you might ask? well, we don't know yet but it doesn't look like it. confusing? the thing is that we have a great guy to possibly mix the whole album. he liked f-words and if he likes the new stuff also, he'll do it. and that's the reason why we have been so thorough with these two first songs. so if he digs it and if we appreciate his interpretation of our music, then it's set. and then we'll tell you his name too [he's done some "hot" projects in the past]. besides, our crazy a&r guy down in belgium is pretty exited to hear the new songs also. and he won't be disappointed, that's for sure. by the way, the second song is titled "survival kit", and it has turned out to be even more than we hoped for...

[try not to look directly into the camera, victor!]

it will be some days off now 'cause some decisions are to be made from our record-company, plus the fact that victor is on vacation. in the meantime, we'll be preparing new songs to record. stay tuned!


august 21, 1999
eeh...lost track of days
well, it's been a long time since the last report. however, that doesn't mean that there has been no progress. you can blame it on me being lazy with the updates, that's all. and with the server not functioning properly the last weeks on top of that. well anyway, we're back online.

since last time, we've done two nice festivals in belgium and holland besides working on 4 new songs in the studio. and after these 6 first songs, we really think this album is going to surprise a lot of people. autopulver in 1999 consists of 5 people, more open-minded than ever before when it comes to making music. we don't care if we make one song without guitars at all - there's no rules, and on one song we even have a trumpet..............just kidding!

[steady now...]

[...that's more like it.]

to those of you who care, here are the song-titles so far:

if i get too deep
paul ouvert
by leaving rome i found my home
crazy mixed-up kid
remedy surgery

oh, this reminds me that we have totally forgotten to mention that paul ouvert is producing this album too [as he did with f-words]. we are in fact so pleased with the guy [and his sense of humor ], that we made an entire song to him! a picture of our guru will be posted soon.

and by the way, the earlier mentioned "survival kit" has been renamed to "remedy surgery". this song will be the first single, and will be released in benelux in about 5-6 weeks and scandinavia shortly after that. you can also expect a mp3 sneak-preview which you can download from this website soon.


september 27, 1999
hmm...about week 11?
just a short note to tell you that we're still in the studio...yes, we are spending some time on this album. that's just to make sure that both you and we will be ultrahappy with the result. And as you may have noticed, you can actually listen to a preview of "remedy/surgery", the first single from this album. we are very pleased with the result and really hope you'll like it too. by the way, the single also contains a very special version of the same song...say no more. the single will be released in benelux on october 15th, and more countries eventually, we hope. there are plans for even a second single, before releasing the album at the end of january next year.

no new photos from the studio, i'm afraid. so if anyone have a digital camera to spare, send it to us! so instead, we're posting the back of the "remedy/surgery" cover. nice, isn't it?

[the photographer had to borrow my new drum-chair for the occasion]

well, got to go now. another report is heading your way when there is something to write about. in the meantime, make sure to play "remedy/surgery" to all of your friends!


november 10, 1999
weeks? start counting months!
finally, we're done with all the recordings. and it's about time! it's been an interesting time here at h10 [check out this brand new website for the studio]. basically, it was our first time writing songs while being in the studio. also the first time recording a totally digital album - using computers and harddisks instead of tape. and we feel very confident that we have delivered a very exiting and unique album. we hope you'll hear that as well. one guy who definitely believes in the project is our great producer, flying back and forth from the states to attend the process as much as possible. yes, that's our canadian friend, paul ouvert. despite his great skills, he's a very shy guy. we had to rename a song which was dedicated to him, titled "paul ouvert". he thought it was too much. so we rewrote the whole song lyrically, so he could feel comfortable again. earlier i promised a photo of the guy and it was not easy getting him in the frame of the camera, but we finally managed to capture the snapshot seen below.

[paul ouvert: "hey boys, let's skip that guitarsolo and go for the piano instead."]

so when is the album going to be released? in benelux, it looks like february will be close to the truth. in other countries, we honestly don't know yet. there's business going on all the time, and we're just 5 people enjoying the art of making music, so ask our record-company instead, if you're curious.

[rune lamøy: "ok, paul! i'm just posing for the photographer anyway."]

the only things left to do now is to get the whole album mixed. and it looks like this is falling into the hands of mr. x...then we have to decide the title. it will definitely not be "p-words" or anything like that. and then there's the cover, but that will be taken care of by our excellent cover-designer. so what are we going to do now? well, one thing for sure is that we're going out downtown celebrating that we're done. and who knows if a good album title will arise from our wasted heads that night. speaking of titles, here's the complete track listing [in no particular order]:

crazy mixed-up kid
by leaving rome i found my home
20th century happy tree
i don't like violence
if i get too deep
kissing like a mainstream
if i get too deep again
old fashioned way


february, 2000
the final days
now i'm actually sitting here with the album in front of me. vapor trails is written, recorded, produced, mixed, mastered, designed and manufactured, but this studio-report [or whatever] will be incomplete if we forget the very important last week of work we had with zed, our producer. when i look back, it was a very inspiring week for the whole band, although it started with some problems. the thing was that we couldn't use the regular studio for this pre-production because zed preferred to work on another hard-disk recording system than the one present there and h10 was fully booked at that moment anyway, so we had to find something else. the new studio we had booked for the week was eehh.....in fact very new. it was so damn new that when we arrived there the first day, it refused to get any older [they had just started painting]. then, the guys at this studio in a hurry booked us another place, so we could get started. but this time, the computer they had there couldn't do the job. so it was back to the nice smell of fresh paint, and we were [as a panic solution] put in this "room" with their computer, so we at least could start [for the second time]. and after many hours of hassle [why don't people configure their computers properly in a studio?], we managed to transfer everything to the new system, so we could start recording the next day. we thought. the problem was of course that this studio wasn't ready for any recordings none whatsoever, so we started to look for studio #3, and found it. after some more hours of computer-hassle in this studio, we were amazed on how this frustrating situation actually pissed us off. now we had a nice studio to record in, but we were [yet again] stuck with a computer without enough ram. then we couldn't waste no more time [zed could only be in norway for a week], so late that night, we fetched our own computer. but this time, when we were about 500 meters from the studio, the police were getting quite interested in our car with broken lights and creepy-looking, fed-up guys with computer equipment stuffed all over. after some flashlight investigation we were free to proceed with our business. and this time, everything was in perfect shape [there's no computer like your own computer]. after some really stupid days, and a really heroic effort from knut harald, our 3 star manager, we could finally start to record...

[zed "lighting up" when realizing that there was one stable computer in this country]

so, enough tech-stuff! the last 4-5 days we re-recorded if i get too deep, changed the chorus on kissing like a mainstream and did lots of nice stuff on the other songs as well. to sum it up: that week, our songs really started to shine. and this is very much because of the guy of all guys, the brilliant zed. we really enjoyed working with him, and we also think he liked working with us. this probably means that the "slovenian master" will produce the next autopulver album as well [at least, everybody in the band hopes so]. but this is now, and vapor trails is weeks from being released, and we are all really proud of the result. hope you'll like it too.

on a very sad note, some of you may wonder why paul ouvert didn't produce the album in the end. under normal circumstances, he probably would have. the thing is that he went to alaska for his xmas holiday last year, and tragically, noone have ever heard from him since then, not even his family. we don't know exactly what happened, but after these months, we fear the worst possible thing. that's why we have dedicated this album to you, paul. let's hope that we managed to adapt some of your insanely weird and wonderful humor.

we will really miss you, rest in peace.


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