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title: vapor trails
format: cd [belgium: 740495-2, norway: 74321790572]
release dates: april 14, 2000 [benelux]
september 11, 2000 [norway]
labels: ars productions [benelux]
bmg [norway]
tracklisting: 01. remedy/surgery
02. by leaving rome i found my home
03. pagan
04. kissing like a mainstream
05. sunroseblackhole
06. old fashioned way
07. i don't like violence
08. if i get too deep
09. 20th century happy tree
10. crazy mixed-up kid
11. surgery remedy
production: zed & autopulver
mix: zed at louis studio, tienen, belgium
recording studios: h10, oslo, norway. engineered by lars-erik westby. additional recordings at blue note, oslo. engineered by zed
mastering: tim young at metropolis mastering, london, uk
cover & art direction: aina griffin and petter martinsen
singles from this album: remedy/surgery
kissing like a mainstream
by leaving rome i found my home
if i get too deep
videos from this album: if i get too deep
additional info: all music written by autopulver. while making this album, a studio-report was written. you can read it here

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