Autopulver 2024: Victor Borge, Rune Lamøy, Dag Anders Rougseth, Anders Hunstad, Frode Lamøy. Photo: Ken Ingwersen.
Victor Borge, Rune Lamøy, Dag Anders Rougseth, Anders Hunstad, Frode Lamøy (photo: Ken Ingwersen)

Autopulver are back with an exclusive reunion concert at Parkteatret in Oslo!

After a 24-year hiatus, the legendary Norwegian band Autopulver is ready to make their long-awaited comeback. This will be celebrated with an exclusive first concert at Parkteatret in Oslo, on October 9.

With a unique sound that combines energetic rock with catchy melodies, Autopulver has left its mark on the Norwegian music scene since its inception in 1996. The band started with small labels but was eventually picked up by Sony/BMG and Belgian ARS and Dutch Mojo as promoters.

Comprised of seasoned musicians and producers, the band made waves with their debut album “F-Words“ in 1997. The album, known for its bold approach with all song titles starting with the letter “F“, immediately caught the attention of the public. With their strong songs, “F-Words“ was voted album of the week on Norwegian national radio NRK P3 and received A and B radio listings for three songs.

In 2000, Autopulver followed up with the album “Vapor Trails“, which further strengthened the band’s position on the music scene. The collaboration with the renowned producer Zed, known for his work with the Swedish band Kent, added an extra dimension to Autopulver’s sound. With “Vapor Trails“, the band experimented with blending more genres – which in turn led to several radio listings on NRK P3.

Funfact: One week, Autopulver won the top spot on NRK’s “Ti i skuddet“ (the biggest national radio song contest in 1999) with the song “Remedy/Surgery“ – ahead of artists such as Britney Spears and A1, much to the band’s surprise. Funfact 2: Because of this, NRK accused the band of voting fraud.

Autopulver was not just limited to recordings; they also toured extensively throughout Norway and abroad, with memorable performances at several major festivals in the Netherlands and Belgium.

After Autopulver, they have continued to work with music in various ways. Several members of the band have contributed as musicians for renowned names such as Satyricon, TNT and Magne Furuholmen from A-ha, to name a few.

Now Autopulver is looking forward to getting together again for a unique live experience at Parkteatret in Oslo on October 9. This exclusive concert promises to be an unforgettable evening for fans, with a band that is more than ready to revive the magic that made them an essential part of Norwegian music history.

Dag Anders Rougseth: Vocals, guitar
Rune Lamøy: Guitar
Frode Lamøy: Drums
Victor Borge: Bass
Anders Hunstad: Keys

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